Research Profile, CV Owe Wikström

Research Profile, CV Owe Wikström
Owe Wikström received the chair as ordinary professor in Psychology of Religion at the University of Uppsala 1985 which he still holds. He teaches regularly on different levels. His main research interest is clinical and psychiatric problems in relation to religious issues (1979,1980a, 1990,1998,1999). The neurotic way of ”using” religious concepts or models as defence strategies was analysed in relation to phobias (1978), possession (1980, 1982, 1989). Metatheoretical and clinical implications of religious issues are scrutinized (1996,1998,1999). In depth psychological studies of modern novelwriters he has used jungian (1982) and psychoanalytical theories (1982, 1997). Theoretical and methodological problems as to the relation between the symbol formation of the individuals intrapsychic dynamics and the (sub-) culturally provided symbol system were elaborated 1975 and 1990 a and b. Ecstasy and mysticism have been scrutinized through experimental procedures using hypnosis and mental imagery research paradigms (1984,1986).
                Wikström has elaborated religonswissenschaftliche and methodological problems in relation to studies of yoga (1987), ritual studies (1990a), ethnocentrism (1996 b) and has analyzed psychological problems in historical materials (1980, 1998). He has published three handbooks: a textbook on psychology of religion with Antoon Geels as co-writer (2000), a textbook on psychotherapy and religion (1999) and a collection of essays on christian spirituality and postmodern psychology (1994). A book from 1993 relates postmodernity to concepts of Te Holy of Eliade, Durkheim and W.C. Smith and in a book from 1997 integrates views from fictive epic universes like Dostoevskys – with object relation theory as well as culture theorists like Victor Turner and Clifford Geertz. 1998 he edited a book on New Age and late modernity with scholars from philosophy, sociology, history and psychology. 2000 he published a book on the psychological role of music in in Johann Sebastiann Bach’s explicit and implicit “theology”. 2001 a interdisciplinary book on stress related problems in philosophical and religious persectives became a bestseller, translated into five languages.
                The last ten years Wikström has regularily commented on religious and cultural issues in the main channels in Swedish television. He is ofter asked to be member  of  “Filosofiska rummet”( The philosophical room)  a weekly one hour discussion in swedish radio. He has made TV- and radioprograms on clinical problems in relation to religion, Bachs theology, Music and psychology, theology and philosopy of science,  Dostoevsky and Marcel Proust as psychologists, the brain-mind paradox and on narrative theory. 
                He lectures regularily of different levels at the faculty of theology, social sciences and medicine, and has supervised nine doctoral studens to their Ph D. He is often invited as lecturer for the general public on existential themes, meaning-making, culture and psychology. His textbooks has been translated to finnish, danish, norvegian, italian, spanish, german,english  and hungarian


1966 Studentexamen, Läroverket, Luleå
1970 Teol. kand.Theology, University of Uppsala.
1971 Fil. kand., Pedagogics, History of Art, Social Science
1974 Dipl. Psychotherapist, (S:t Lukasstiftelsen, Stockholm).
1975 Teol. dr., University of Uppsala
1979 Certificate Clinical Hypnosis. ”International Society of Clinical and Experimenal Hypnosis”
1980 Certificate Borderline Diagnostics and therapy.
1980 Docent, Psychology of Religion, University of Uppsala
1985 Full professor, in Psychology of Religion, Dep of Theology, University of Uppsala
1988 Visiting scholar, Spring semester, Princeton University, US.
1994 Visiting scholar, Spring semester, Banaras Hindu University, India.
1998-1999 Professor. Department of Religious Studies, Umeå University, part time
1999 – Professor. Uppsala University

1972-1975 Hospital chaplain, Skellefteå
1975-1980 Psychotherapist 1/2 time, Skellefteå – Umeå
1975-1980 Diocease chaplain 1/2 time, Skellefteå
1980 Docent in Psychology of Religion, University of Uppsala
1980 Lecturer in Pastoral psychology, Pastoralinstitutet, Uppsala
1985- Professor Psychology of Religion, University of Uppsala
1985- Part time psychotherapist, Chairman for department of Social Sciences of Religion, Faculty of Theology (periodically)